When you’re young and silly

I used to have a diary during 6th grade and I was so passionate about it that I had at least one entry every day. Selecting which notebooks to write on was such an exciting decision to make and I would always choose those which came with locks or those with garters which prevents the notebook from opening and spilling the secrets in them accidentally. I kept them up until high school but made a stupid mistake when I burned them after finding out someone else read them (I can’t remember who though but I’m very much certain someone did). Yea, stupid, I know.

I eventually got back on track during college but chose another medium which I though was intruder safe (it is, BUT) – my cellular phone. And so the daily angry writing (or typing) resumed UNTIL my phone got crazy and everything in it got deleted and by everything I meant EVERYTHING. It took me years again before I started writing again which happened during law school. I managed to write (back to notebooks) every now and then but eventually slacked off due to the pressures of law school plus I lost my diary journal. Unfortunate.

See, I am pretty much unfortunate when it comes to diaries/journals. Maybe I’m not meant to hold on those past memories in them though. Nah, I’m just making excuses. BUT tonight, I just finished reading wongfuphil’s blog and it inspired me to not lose hope given my experiences with diarying (it sounds like diarrhea) and journaling and continue writing down my life. Ugh, I wish I didn’t burn my diaries from 6th grade, I’d have so much to laugh about learn when I read them right now. But I think it’s not too late yet, eh?

Keeping Track

The thing is that our brains falter and the memories we think we have change from time to time. Basically, what happens every time we try to recall something is that it changes; just like pulling out a neatly folded shirt out from a closet, no matter how much you try folding it back to how it was folded before it won’t be the same anymore as you can no longer achieve the exact fold. Every time we pull out a memory we either add or deduct something to it or from it and over time it won’t even resemble or feel like the exact moment anymore.

This is where keeping diaries and journals comes in handy. It captures and preserve the exact moment as it is and the emotions that came with it. So that one day in your life when you decide to take time to step back and examine your life over the years you have something reliable you can look up to, something that didn’t changed even when everything had changed.

Dang, I really really wish I didn’t UGHHH I can’t do anything about it now.

But I’ll start writing now. THANKS, PHIL!


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